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Business leaders are about to face a huge challenge with their employees as the “Y” generation will make up more than 50% of the workforce in the year 2020. Gallup Poll surveys state that only 31% of all American employees are engaged in their jobs – imagine what the other 69% are doing while at work. And while lost productivity costs businesses billions of dollars every year, there are solutions to increasing performance, keeping the best employees and attracting top talent. Companies who have adopted our tips on improving culture have accelerated productivity nearly overnight. Our coaching programs answer these questions:

  • What attracts TOP Millennials to our organization and how can we keep them?
  • What motivates people to perform at a higher level?
  • What internal adjustments can we make to greatly improve business execution?
  • How can we improve the overall mood of our organization?
  • Why aren’t all of our employees focused on the vision?
  • What are the chief motivating factors that inspire our employees?
  • How can we create a relentlessly ambitious workforce?

We believe that the millennial generation will be a generation of the ages. These young people born between 1980 and the year 2000 will be more ambitious, more creative, more innovative and will experience a life unimaginable to generations before. However, the speed of information is growing so quickly, so rapidly and is getting so complex that this workforce is extremely concerned about being left behind. The learning curve is steep in the corporate world and the Millennials demand education on both a personal and professional level. We coach corporations throughout the US to build programs that attract top talent and help them keep they’re very best employees.

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