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Does a Winning Team Create a Great Culture or Does Great Culture Create a Winning Team?

I believe both statements are true. Here’s why… A winning team will breed great culture. Many sports teams are built on winning, team work and an attitude that goals are achievable and expected. In sports, it’s very common to build teams through hard work, discipline and competition. Major League Baseball’s spring training is a great…

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Increasing your EBITDA Multiplier

One of the greatest American generations, the Baby Boomer’s are getting ready to retire from their businesses.  Many questions arise in understanding the value of their legacy… What can I sell my business for and how can I increase the value before making this move? While bottom line profits will certainly increase the value of…

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Creating an Ambitious Workforce

The Culture program we train and coach has been developed and built with a combination of both study and experience. The program we’ve designed is based on the passions of our President, Patrick Ryan. We have specifically designed programs which create ambition for those companies who are interested in accelerating the performance of their people…

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Attracting TOP Talent

Business leaders are about to face a huge challenge with their employees as the “Y” generation will make up more than 50% of the workforce in the year 2020. Gallup Poll surveys state that only 31% of all American employees are engaged in their jobs – imagine what the other 69% are doing while at…

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Accelerating Sales Performance

Are you aware that only 12% of all American businesses have a trackable, measurable and predictable sales program? What do you think the other 88% are doing… winging it? We help organizations create systems and processes that accelerate their success. Simple programs that can predict future revenues. The most dramatic results our clients have experienced…

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An Employee Incentive That Works

A few months back I purchased a car and living in sunny Sacramento California, I immediately began researching window tint shops. Finding a Groupon special, I purchased the deal and scheduled my car to get the windows tinted. Arriving at this small shop in a rough part of town, I was pleased to see the…

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Rough Seas Ahead?

The First of Three Steps to Hyper Sales Growth We speak and teach the three steps to developing hyper growth in your sales organization – Change, Action & Results. Today, I’d like to touch on what it takes to make that change happen within your business. When we get approached by company leaders who would…

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One Huge Mistake in Attracting Top Sales Talent

Most sales interview processes have several steps before an organization will make their selection and job offer to a candidate. In some cases, management will make a vital mistake when assigning a prospective candidate “homework!” During the interview process we sometimes hear management ask a candidate to “create” the best practices in “selling” to a…

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Firing Low Performing Sales People

I had a new client ask, “How do I fire a low performing sales person and gather the proper documentation to insure I don’t get sued for wrongful termination?” When I get this question, it’s obvious to me that this client lacks the systems and processes needed for their sales department. If they had them…

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