Mark Cuban is a bit off the “Mark”

I just checked out the video of Mark Cuban on CNBC; and while I agree with his first and last tip of his “3 Tips for Success,” it’s his second tip I disagree with as I believe there are times in which we all need or could use help. Here’s what I mean. Increasing Sales is his first tip – challenge: a vast majority (I estimate around 80% of companies) face significant hurdles when it comes to developing their sales programs.  Their systems and processes are either outdated or non-existent and often they’re not sure where to begin.

His 3rd tip of Being Prepared is totally true; most sales people don’t prepare enough – this is called “research and practice.”  Mark’s second tip I believe to be true to some degree as we need to be in action.  However, if you don’t know where to start or what to “do” how can one just “Do It?”

Just “Doing It” can waste significant time and resources.  This is where I come in and it’s exactly what I do… create the proper systems and processes for success.  Train the staff to implement, track and measure the results and develop the people into stronger more effective salespeople.  It’s really not that hard, however it takes a well thought out plan, significant training and focused execution.

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