Rough Seas Ahead?

The First of Three Steps to Hyper Sales Growth

We speak and teach the three steps to developing hyper growth in your sales organization – Change, Action & Results. Today, I’d like to touch on what it takes to make that change happen within your business.

When we get approached by company leaders who would like to see their sales revenues increase, we discuss these three steps, particularly the first step, Change. We’ve all heard these words from many department heads, “Because this is how we’ve always done it around here!” Imagine the Captain of a ship making a decision to continue on the same course after being told by the first mate that a storm imminent! The ship and all its passengers could be doomed if they continue on the same path!

Although this is a simplistic analogy of looking at a complex set of processes, it’s really quite relevant in the game of business. Revenues are slipping or markets aren’t being tapped – a storm heading your way therefore a change of course is needed, right?

How hard or long would it take to stand at the rear of a large ship, stick an oar in the water and change the ship’s direction? How much stress or pressure would your organization experience under these conditions?

With most sailing vessels the size of the rudder is in proportion to the size of the ship. However, many of your key employees feel they are standing at the back of the organization with oars in hand, totally unprepared for the change of course! Is there a strategic plan in place to set the ship on course with alternative routes when a storm hits?

When this happens we oftentimes see the employees of an organization behave instinctively as though their lives were at stake, “running to the back” of the ship in attempts to change course, hide, get in action or simply to tell others what do to. In any case, not the best course of action.

No different than the ship, a business organization can use the same procedures to change course… Beginning at the top of the organizational chart (The Captain) and working on down the ships first lieutenants, directing and guiding the sales manager and sales team with specific direction, strategies and processes to put in place to “weather the storm” and thrive in the face of adversity.

The next time your ship needs a change of direction, we suggest that you prepare the crew for the journey so you can get all the oars in the water turning in the same direction!

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