$13,481,713 in revenue & 1,612% rOI 

A case study outlining how our systems increased revenue resulting in a 1612% ROI.

Within 6 months we had all the vital pieces together
  • Sales & Sales Management Tools
  • Sales Playbook
  • Strategic Sales Plan.
  • Predictable Revenue

... all accomplished with recent college graduates.






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Increase in Face to Face Meetings

The Challenge: Situation, Opportunities, Goals.
The Story.

20 years ago two gentlemen founded an IT telecom company.

After a few years these two founders realized that they needed seasoned salespeople in order to grow.  

They brought in two additional partners who had extensive telecom sales experience.  

While they continued to grow the owners began to realize they need to scale the business to stay competitive. 

Their attempts at scaling the business by hiring experienced salespeople who already had contacts in the industry did not work out well as, after a couple years the "experienced" salespeople would leave for a better offer at a different company and take their clients with them.

Then the day came... one of the sales partners wanted out, the other three partners were going to be left with increased debt, as well as huge reduction (nearly 50%) in overall sales revenues.

They knew they needed to move and move quickly.

That's when Eureka Performance was called in.  

On day one, the company's one and only seasoned salesperson gave us his two weeks notice.

The second salesperson had graduated from college the year before and had been in the saddle for about 10 months. And unfortunately, he was learning some of the CEO salesperson's, "bad habits."

The other two salespeople, were newly hired, fresh out of college and never sold anything prior to that day.  That left three salespeople, none with any real time sales experience! 

Challenge Description

Outline of the situation ->

  • Experienced salespeople leaving the company and taking their clients with them.
  • One of the partners handling sales wanted out, the other three partners were going to be left with increased debt, as well as reduction in sales revenues. 
  • The sales team = 3 rookie salespeople.

The Solution - How we approached the challenge

Step 1 - complete company assessment

Where they've been and where they plan on going.

First, we did a complete company assessment to understand where they'd been and where they plan on going. We laid out a roadmap along with a strategic sales plan. And we started the construction of the sales systems and processes.

Step 2 - Put all the vital pieces together

CRM, Sales Playbook, Best Practices

Within six months, we actually had all the vital pieces together, we had the CRM in place, we had the sales playbook, we had an outline of the best practices for all seven steps of the sale. We started tracking and measuring sales performance. 

Step 3 - Coaching and Training

A lack of sales training was one of the biggest hurdles that we had to overcome.

We realized that, with these young folks coming in with no experience, we had to teach them how to sell, we had to teach them the industry, we had to teach them what problems the IT managers have, we also had to teach them what solutions we had. And that was just overwhelming for these people fresh out of college. 

Step 4 - Identifying the Important KPIs

Finding what really matters

What we learned was that the key performance indicator of the face to face meetings was exactly what we needed these young salespeople to focus on.

Getting in front of the IT managers in a face to face meeting at their office was the most difficult obstacle for the team.

Patrick worked for the Premier team as our out-sourced sales manager and business development coach. He created and implemented a sales processes that is not only unique but very effective as well. As a result of working with Patrick, he has helped our company increase sales one year over the next by more than 35%. I highly recommend Patrick’s services in business development and executive coaching.

- Dennis Fletcher, COO Premier plastics, inc

The Results

Reduction in Turnover

From 85% to 33%




From 15% to 54%


Opportunities Closed

Predictive Sales Index Face to Face Meeting Value

Patrick Ryan - Sales Coach And Out-Source Sales Management

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