Patrick Ryan is CEO and President of Eureka Performance Training and is a Certified Sales Coach with Leverage Sales Coaching© a Certified Practitioner of Market Force’s Survival Instincts© program and the innovator and designer of the Solutions to the TOP 4 Sins of a Salesperson.
The story of his career began while attending college – looking to make a few extra bucks he landed a job as an outside SALESPERSON for the local television cable company.

A 100% commission-based outside sale position and like nearly every sales job, had good and not so good days that left me feeling disgruntled and rejected with little motivation. He knew he needed to make some changes in order to pick himself up.

First, he decided to track the number of doors he knocked on every day and measure the results. After a period of time his “sales attitude” became positive and ambitious learning that each door knock he knocked on paid him $0.84.

With this newfound knowledge he thought, “What if I could earn more money with the same effort?” He began working on improving conversations by preparing better before going out into the field. The results were great!
As his success climbed, he began noticing how, at times he would jump in too early in the conversation in an attempt to “sell” the service. It became apparent to him that he was selling too soon and losing potential customers.
This is when he worked on listening techniques and resisting the urge to sell or tell the prospect about the products.
By the time I left that job I was earning $0.96 per door, a 14% increase in revenue without any additional effort!

Throughout his sales career he continued to improve his skills applying what he learned with great success including the real estate industry. All the awards he earned were not enough to fill the void of a missing passion he needed to take his career to the next level. I knew I needed a lift.
After the 2005 to 2011 real estate meltdown, an acquaintance familiar with his success and LOVE of mentoring salespeople, asked him to help with his sales coaching company. He jumped at the opportunity!

It quickly became apparent that seasoned salespeople were having the same issues he experienced back in college while knocking on doors. This is when Patrick developed the Solutions to the TOP 4 Sins of a Salesperson. As a sales management coach he teaches these skills throughout America.

When it comes to improving your SALES there’s nobody in the world who can get you better results. That’s 100% certain, no doubt about it – with clients to prove it resulting in as much as 258% annual sales growth!

He loves to talk sales results and especially love’s seeing the sales growth of the organizations he coaches.

So, if you want to INCREASE SALES, you owe it to yourself to reach out. It will end up being very productive – you can connect on any of the below contact details.


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