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Accelerating Sales PerformanceAttracting TOP TalentCreating an Ambitious Workforce
Top corporate culture speakers and workplace culture experts would agree with the statement: “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” Strategy is often a primary focus in business, yet no matter how far reaching a vision or how brilliant a strategy, neither would be realized if not supported by the culture. Corporate culture encompasses vision, tradition, mission, engagement, recognition, and education, and it applies at all levels, from the top of the organization all the way down.

Throughout this site, you will discover insights that drive to strengthen your organizations ability to obtain the goal of long-term results by making your employees #1, by creating recognition, rewards and incentive programs that work and by empowering your employees to feel as though their contributions matter and their needs are met.

Recent Gallup Poll Survey says that 31% of all employees are engaged in their job? What do you think the other 69% are doing while at work? We help employers create a work environment and culture that thrives! A place where employees love their job and feel their unique needs and contributions are valued and appreciated. This results in employers keeping their best employees AND attracting the finest talent!

Every business has developed a corporate culture within their organization! If it was built unintentionally, then more than likely the company is operating in an unintentional manner! Creating a dynamic corporate culture focuses employee activities on the organizations vision, which will increase employee retention and attract top talent while the company experiences hyper growth and profits. Southwest Airlines has done it! Google has done it! Twitter has done it… you can too!

What our clients say

Johanna Carrey

“Just giving you an update concerning my most recent sales trip.  It went very well as I sold over 40 product orders! In the past I would average about 20.  I was happy and pleased the way it went as your help with planning really made the difference.   ” Javalan Redd, District Sales Manager

Paul Braddy

“Patrick helped me create a brilliant cash flow accounting system for my business. My accountant could not even do what Pat did for me. Now I can see exactly where my money is going, and run forecast scenarios for future growth. I highly recommend Patrick's services!” Patrick Philbrook, Director

Motivational, inspirational or thoughtful. I want to be thoughtful!

My intention is to create a world in which normal is abnormal; where standards are challenged, where the status quo is pushed and where mediocrity is unacceptable.

My life, like all of us is no different than anyone else’s. It’s all about learning then, processing what I've learned and intertwining the information in such a way to create a unique perspective; teaching these unique thoughts to others, in ways that they may have never heard or seen before. It's not about being better or more inspiring or more motivational, it's about challenging one's thoughts in a way that could change the world. Changing people's viewpoint or helping them reflect and gain an understanding that they may not have seen before in this creative and unique way; so that we can see, hear and touch things we may have never imagined.

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