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Trackable, Measurable & Predictable Sales Systems and Processes

Does Your Sales Department Struggle With Missed Opportunities?

Do your sales revenues experience highs and lows with no real consistency

Are your sales people doing different activities which are difficult to track

You don’t have a “proven” method which is track-able, measurable and predictable

We’ll share with you how we do what we do. Just Ask

We’ll email you our proven system building tool outlining how you can develop your sales systems and processes to accelerate your revenues!

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Do any or perhaps all your salespeople commit
one or more of the TOP 4 Sins of a Salesperson?

  1. Doesn’t Prepare Enough for Client Meetings?
  2. Quickly Makes Assumptions?
  3. Begins Selling Too Soon
  4. Lacks A Proven Follow Up Method?

The solutions to these four sins are built into an easy to understand program. To receive a copy of the solutions to the TOP 4 Sins of a salesperson simply type in your email address:

Once the sales team is operating under a sales process and using Patrick’s solutions to the four sins, revenues are accelerated. Business leaders can then focus on business operations. Professional and personal achievements are reached, and the overall improvement of business performance is realized – ultimately reducing or even eliminating business risk

Increase Your Sales Teams Productivity and Efficiencies

Our Services

Sales Systems and Process Development

We’ll come to your office and work through the development of your “Sales System and Process” as outlined in the above referenced building tool

Training the Solutions to the TOP 4 Sins of the Salesperson

We’ll provide on-site training workshops for your sales leaders and salespeople on how they can overcome the “TOP 4 Sins of the Salesperson”

Out Source Sales Management

We’ll provide Sales Management Services to roll out your sales system and process, train the team, oversee each salesperson’s development and track the results

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What People Are Saying About Patrick & Eureka Performance Training

Javalan Redd, District Sales Manager for Christensen Arms

Just giving you an update concerning my most recent sales trip. It went very well as I sold over 40 product orders! In the past I would average about 20. I was happy and pleased the way it went as your help with planning really made the difference.

Jennifer Creech, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at FinFit

“I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick and I highly recommend him if you are looking to add structure and results to your sales process. Patrick excels at sales management training and sales processes. His follow through is second to none. He can definitely coach sales teams to become strong revenue drivers.”

Dennis Fletcher, COO of Premier Plastics

“Patrick worked for the Premier team as our out-sourced sales manager and business development coach. He created and implemented a sales processes that is not only unique but very effective as well. As a result of working with Patrick, he has helped our company increase sales one year over the next by more than 35%. I highly recommend Patrick’s services in business development and executive coaching.”

Jim Matteo, CEO of Birdrock

“Patrick consulted with our team last year to help us accelerate sales growth. He worked with us to build out a playbook and processes that are truly world class. He is a highly recommended sales, sales management, and CEO Coach!”

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