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In minutes i will show you how to increase the effectiveness of your CURRENT sales force by 30%.  

Learn to increase sales with your CURRENT sales team.

Eureka Performance client - Sales Coaching - Training
Eureka Performance client - Sales Coaching - Training
Eureka Performance client - Sales Coaching - Training
Eureka Performance client - Sales Coaching - Training
Eureka Performance client - Sales Coaching - Training

Increase Your Sales In 4 Easy Steps

Company Assessment

Pull All Vital Pieces Together

Coaching & Training

Identifying the Important KPI's

Video Testimonial

Dennis Fletcher

-COO of Premier Plastics -

Patrick worked for the Premier team as our out-sourced sales manager and business development coach. He created and implemented a sales processes that is not only unique but very effective as well. As a result of working with Patrick, he has helped our company increase sales one year over the next by more than 35%. I highly recommend Patrick’s services in business development and executive coaching.

Our systems increased revenue resulting in a 1612% ROI.

Within 6 months we had all the vital pieces together

  • Sales & Sales Management Tools
  • Sales Playbook
  • Strategic Sales Plan.
  • Predictable Revenue
  • Hire the Right Sales Team

    Increase your revenues by 50%

    Better Salespeople = Better Relationships

    Better Relationships = Better Revenue

    If your competition is having better conversations with your prospects, they win and you lose.

    - Patrick Ryan - CEO Eureka Performance

    Reduce Costs Associated with Bad Hires.

    Decrease your turnover costs by 50%

    With the implementation of Eureka's hiring strategies, we have increased our retention by 79%.

    - CEO, Network Design Tech Company

    Strategic Hiring Program

    Customized Communication Process

    Track, Measure and Train the Team to Close More Deals 

    Year-Over-Year Revenue & Profit Growth

    We Teach Sales Teams to Close More Deals

    No more compromising on price

    More deals in your pipeline

    Increased revenue and profits

    More time = Happier life

    Eureka Performance increased our GP revenues by 50% one year over the next!

    - Jim M. CEO, Technology Business

    Most business owners feel salespeople are lazy, unaccounted for and rarely earn their keep.  They believe that

    If your salespeople are using “price” as the #1 reason they did not close the deal, you.

    About Patrick Ryan.

    Patrick Ryan is CEO and President of Eureka Performance Training and is a Certified Sales Coach with Leverage Sales Coaching© a Certified Practitioner of Market Force’s Survival Instincts© program and the innovator and designer of the Solutions to the TOP 4 Sins of a Salesperson.

    Share Your Goals & Together, We'll Create A Plan.